So What is Wildix ?

Commraider, Inc. Is a Cerfied Wildix Partner. This page will update from time to time, always check back. Call or email us for purchase details
image A business communications platform like this could not have come at a better time ! Wildix in our own words is a communications platform that can be used on premise and with Wildix phones, in the cloud, or both. How Wildix works is when you purchase the platform from us we then install and custom configure it at your site on a server, in a data rack or, on a cloud server. If you choose to install Wildix on the cloud you will have very few to NO devices on premise other than possibly desk phones. The Wildix Platform and phones will always recieve the latest software upgades on the cloud. After installation Wildix is now ready to be used with a browser for text chatting, desktop sharing, and video chatting. Wildix also works with SIP lines, PRI lines, and land (POTS) lines to make calls from a PC or tablet. Another application for Wildix is Kite. Wildix Kite brings real time communications to your website then to your desk phone, PC, or mobile phone. With Kite you can have visitors to your website click to text chat with you, share your desktop or video call you, no other method of communications does this. Another great feature of Wildix is the ability to run a application on your Apple or Android cell phone allowing it to become a extension on the Wildix platform. The Wildix cell phone app will also allow you to make, take, and transfer calls as well as text and videochat. Now, best of all are the selection of desk and cordless phones you can use with the Wildix platform. With the Wildix selection of desk and cordless phones you can connect your business from anywhere and use them with any combination of wildix features you choose. Wildix has many more features not listed here. After we install and configure your Wildix platform, your company may program and make further changes to the platform, have a member of your staff or IT make the changes, or call us to assist. Wildix is not administered by or under contract by a service provider. For more information and details about Wildix check out the videos below or on other pages of this site or feel free to contact us by email or give us a call at 1 (708) 340-6800.

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About Wildix

image With offices in Columbus Ohio, Wildix is a multinational company that develops browser-based Unified Communications solutions and VoIP products. The company originating from Euprope relies on the network of Certified Business Partners who install Wildix systems in the United States. In 2005 Wildix opened its Research & Development center, and in the following years the company opened sales offices across Europe and in the United States. The Wildix solution is aimed at small and medium sized businesses, between 50 and 1000 users, that need to provide their employees and collaborators with efficient yet simple to use communication tools. The Wildix system was designed to be easy to install and to manage with low maintenance costs. The Wildix system is a complete and scalable solution for companies that need to upgrade their communication tools by introducing such features as videoconference, chat and users presence, and in the same time, reduce operating costs. Unlike other solutions available in the market, Wildix offers a complete range of Hardware products and Unified Communications & Collaboration features. Wildix has been the first vendor to fully integrate WebRTC for direct audio and video communication support in the web browser without the need to install any software or configure VPN. The Wildix solution is brilliantly simple, employees without technical background start using even the most advanced functionality, which results in low abandonment rate among uses and in positive ROI (return on investment). See videos below......



Wildix Kite

image Wildix Kite is a professional solution for business communication based on the WebRTC technology that brings Unified Communications to the website. With Wildix Kite a website visitor can communicate with the company call agents via chat, audio and video call, desktop sharing and file transfer, all this with just one click. Kite is fully integrated into Wildix Unified Communication system and it turns the corporate website into an efficient marketing tool. Commraider, Inc. Has a example of Kite running on this website. See our "Contact Us Live" page to view it. If you would like to try Kite with us, send us a email and we would be glad to set up a time for it.